Scientific research that you have conducted can be presented as Free Papers. If the paper is selected, then you will get an opportunity to make a podium presentation of your work at ASSICON 2024

The reviewers of the Free Papers score the papers based on various criteria. Papers competing in the VTI Gold Medal Paper session are required to submit full paper along with master chart. Not submitting Full Paper & Master chart will result in disqualification of the paper from VTI Gold Medal Paper Session.

  • Abstract submission deadline: August 20, 2023.
  • Submit Abstract (400 words) in plain text format.
  • The abstract should be structured as title, introduction, materials & methods, results and conclusions. It should include five keywords.
  • Indicate which one of the categories the paper may be included:
    1. Degenerative spine
    2. Infections / TB / Trauma
    3. Spinal deformity - scoliosis / Kyphosis
    4. Cervical spine/ Craniovertebral spine
    5. Minimal invasive spine surgery
    6. Basic sciences
    7. Metabolic / osteoporosis
    8. Complications
    9. Innovations / Technology
    10. Miscellaneous
  • It is mandatory for the author/s to submit on demand a Master chart of study data to ASSICON 2024 Scientific Committee. The master chart should be verified and countersigned by the Head of Department in cases where the work has been done in a teaching institute or when the manuscript is a multicenter study. Failure to produce the Master chart may invite disqualification.